Updated RFP Template
Several SFA RFP (Request For Proposal) templates have been consolidated to a single version.

Demo Scripts
Despite the groans of a few particular CRM vendors, the demo scripts do an outstanding job of comparing vendor solutions in an apples to apples fashion and on a level playing field.

User Reviews
The number of user reviews related to several SaaS CRM solutions has recently picked up. Please provide input if you have direct experience with any of the online CRM applications.

AMR Research
This hosted CRM Research Summary is a bit dated, however, continues to provide some meaningful trend data and debuncts the myth that SaaS solutions are limited to the SMB market.

SaaS CRM Survey Responses

Multi-tenant versus Isloated Tenant
See the survey results.

Is open source CRM ready for prime time?
See the survey results.

The future of hosted CRM
See the survey results.

Reasons For CRM Failures?
See the survey results.

Is hosted ERP ready for action?
See the survey results.

Thin-client vs. fat-client ASP

See the survey results.

The CRM Journey
A unique CRM education perspective

How to predict hosted CRM delivery performance



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Member & Visitor Reviews!
"Finally a true SaaS community. I'm sick of other community sites that fish for clients in an effort to sell consulting services and even sicker of the many sites that use newsletters and web casts as a fee generator to promote software vendors. Thank you for finally creating an independent and meaningful source of on-demand community information!"